Working Groups

GSA Working Groups

The Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA) is an all-inclusive partnership to mobilise the growing momentum to control and, in certain settings, eliminate schistosomiasis. It is constituted as a diverse but representative partnership of endemic countries, academic and research institutions, international development agencies and foundations, international organizations, non-governmental development organizations, private sector companies and advocacy and resource mobilisations partners.

Working groups bring relevant experts and stakeholders together to produce tangible outputs addressing specific challenges or barriers to schistosomiasis control and elimination as identified in the GSA Schistosomiasis Action Plan. The working group outputs are aimed at accelerating progress towards the WHO roadmap goals and beyond.

GSA members are committed to:

  • remain open to everyone who shares the vital interest and competence in schistosomiasis control and elimination
  • optimize GSA members’ capabilities
  • share a commitment to communication, negotiation, action, reflection and impact
  • respect the autonomy of each partner within the GSA
  • remain action-oriented
  • promote transparency in decision making
  • promote efficient and effective governance
  • encourage cross-sectoral and integrated approaches
  • liaise with other NTD alliances and coalitions delivering preventive chemotherapy and learn lessons from their experiences