Monitoring and Evaluation

Purpose and Priorities

GSA partners have set up the GSA Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (M&E WG) to enable a coordinated and aligned approach in the development of evidence-based M&E strategies and operational frameworks used to guide the implementation of schistosomiasis control and elimination programmes.

In April 2018 GSA parnters reviewed and developed a Schistosomiasis Action Plan which identified critical actions to accelerate progress to the schistosomiasis 2020 goals and schistosomiasis control and elimination goals beyond 2020.

Those specifically of interest to this M&E WG group are:

  • Action 2. Improve data quality and mapping to support targeting and tracking progress
  • Action 4. Optimize MDA through operational research and adjustments based on existing research & Introduce micro-targeting of MDA and other interventions at the community level

Other actions that are also of interest to this group that may be addressed through other working groups (e.g. Research working group) are:

  • Action 6. Develop/introduce revised diagnostic (assay & method) for implementation
  • Action 9. Develop/introduce revised diagnostic approach for elimination certification

The priorities of the GSA Working Group include but are not limited to:

  • Develop preferred practice/ operational framework for precision mapping
  • Develop preferred practice/ operational framework for impact assessments
  • Identify appropriate diagnostics and sampling strategy tailored to epidemiological and programmatic setting
  • Identify operational research needed for precision mapping and impact assessments
  • Promote data sharing with ESPEN and standardization of data by setting and goal
  • Advocate for research into practical measurable indicators and monitoring for complicated morbidity e.g. for FGS and severe schistosomiasis

The GSA M&EWorking Groups will also look at:

  • Experience in the field gained in other NTDs and the broader infectious disease landscape.
  • Lessons to be learned from ICTC, GAELF, NNN, and others

Current members of the GSA M&E Working Group include representation from COUNTDOWN, Evidence Action, MENTOR Initiative, NALA Foundation, RTI, SCI Foundation, Sightsavers, and The End Fund.

Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group Co-Chairs