Snails and Malacology

The GSA currently hosts two snail-related work streams.

  1. GSA Snail work stream – led by Tom Pennance and Martina Laidemitt. The GSA Snails work stream focuses on the molecular biology and genomics of schistosome-vectors, with particular interest given to the study of lab-adapted model strains. Topics of discussion include optimized molecular biology techniques (e.g., high-molecular weight DNA extraction); high-throughput sequencing technologies (e.g., PacBio, ONT, Illumina, Hi-C); and snail/specimen/sample procurement, transport, and lab rearing.
  2. GSA Malacology work stream – led by Fiona Allan. The GSA Malacology work stream is focused on the ecological and epidemiological aspects of malacology and snail control/management. Topics include geo-spatial mapping of snail distributions, predictive modelling, species identification, snail control and management approaches and technologies.

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