G-FINDER: tracking funding for global health R&D

10 Jan 2022

Biomedical innovation — the development of new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and other health technologies, and the fundamental basic research that makes this development possible — has been responsible for incredible gains in human health. But millions of people in the world still suffer needlessly because there is no commercial incentive to develop the products they need.

The G-FINDER project tracks annual investment in R&D for new products and technologies that are designed to address the persistent global health challenges that disproportionately affect the world's most disadvantaged people.

Policy Cures Research's goal is to provide funders, policy makers, researchers, advocates, journalists and others with an accurate understanding of the R&D funding landscape for neglected diseases and other global health priorities. The G-FINDER data portal provides open access to all of the underlying data captured by the G-FINDER survey every year since 2007.