ECTMIH session: Schistosomiasis Control Through The Ages

17 Jul 2019

The GSA Research working group have secured an organised session at the upcoming European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health conference in Liverpool this September. 

The GSA session, called Schistosomiasis Control Through the Ages, will present innovative research projects and findings on the impact and treament of schistosomiasis in specific age-groups and genders. The presented research will be:

  • Paediatric praziquantel: Randmonised clinical trials in Cote D'Ivoire.
  • Innovative approached to schistosome control in preschool age children: applying lessons from immunology
  • Possible mechanisms of HIV susceptibility in reproductive-aged women with schistosome infections
  • The contribution of pre-school-aged children and adults to schistosoma mansoni transmission in high endemic communities
  • Pathologies associated with male genital schistosomiasis and efficacy of praziquantel treament in Malawian fishermen.

The GSA organised session is scheduled for Wednesday the 18th of September at 10am, in Track 2 "Treatment and patient care" theme of the conference.

You can access the ECTMIH 2019 conference programme through here.