Dr Derick Osakunor

Scientist and Medical Writer

• Medical writer (ACMA Board Certified) with 5+ years of experience producing the full range of communications items including manuscripts, scientific platforms, publication plans, slide decks, abstracts, newsletters, meeting reports, posters, plain language summaries, and regulatory materials.

• Research Scientist with 10+ years of experience and excellent background in multiple biological disciplines, including immunology, epidemiology, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and diagnostics. Extensive collaborative experience in multicultural environments across Europe, USA, and Africa, leading to impact-led research and policy (24+ publications; 5 policy documents).

• Medical Laboratory Scientist with 5+ years of experience across all the 5 major medical diagnostics specialties, involving management and training, SOP development, quality control/assurance, troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment, and validating and interpreting laboratory results.