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A collection of schistosomiasis resources, including a brochure, recent reports and an infographic.

Report: Together fighting Schistosomiasis and Making Schistory

The people #MakingSchistory: The global fight against schistosomiasis

We are delighted to share the Making Schistory report, filled with information, info-graphics and the motivating, passionate stories of people across the world fighting this debilitating disease. Together we will consigne schistosomiasis to history!

Joins us via social media: #MakingSchistory.

You can access the report via the link below:

Schistosomiasis Sessions at the NTD Summit 2017, Geneva

The Global Schistosomiasis Alliance organised two Schistosomiasis sessions at the NTD Summit in Geneva on the 21st of April 2017. Presenters included:

  • Dr Lynsey Blair (SCI)

  • Dr Mike French (RTI)

  • Dr Ifeomi Anagbogu (FMoH, Nigeria)

  • Dr Edridah Muheki Tukahebwa (FMoH, Uganda)

  • Prof Dan Colley (SCORE, University of Georgia)

  • Prof Juerg Utzinger (Swiss TpH)

  • Dr Jutta Reinhard-Rupp (Merck)

  • Dr Evan Secor (CDC)

  • Dr Poppy Lmaberton (University of Glasgow)

  • Prof Russell Stothard (CouNTDown, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

  • Dr Govert van Dam (Leiden University Medical Center)

  • Dr Goylette Chami (University of Cambridge)

You can access these presentations via the link below. We would like to thank the speakers for their excellent talks and for agreeing to share their presentations on the GSA website.


Newsletter, Volume 2, Autumn 2016

This second newsletter focuses on Ethiopia, a country that is immensely committed to achieving morbidity control and elimination of schistosomiasis.

We dedicated this newsletter to Ethiopia to elaborate on an elimination project the GSA is currently working on with members and partners. Have a read to find out more about our approach and the country in general.

Shanghai Conference - High-Level Summary

For schistosomiasis the paradigm has shifted from morbidity control to elimination as a public health problem. The first conference of the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA) Research Working Group, held in mid-June 2016 in Shanghai, reviewed current progress in schistosomiasis control and elimination, identified pressing operational research gaps that need to be addressed and discussed new tools and strategies required to make elimination a reality.

Read the summary document for more details.


How Far Have We Come and What Do We Need To Do to Eliminate Schistosomiasis? - Shanghai, 2016

A review of where we are at and what action is required to achieve the goal of elimination. This was presented at the GSA Research Working Group's 1st. conference in June 2016 in Shanghai. Have a look at the presentation to find out more about the GSA's chair of the executive group's stance on the situation.


GSA - Introduction and Overview - Shanghai, 2016

Learn more about the GSA and how it presented itself at the GSA's Research Working Group Conference in Shanghai in June 2016.

Newsletter, Volume 1, Spring 2016

Take a look at the GSA's first newsletter to find out more about pressing issues in the world of schistosomiasis and what the GSA is currently working on.

The GSA will publish a newsletter bi-annually from now on. So come back in mid-September for the next edition.



Global Schistosomiasis Alliance Infographic


The Global Schistosomiasis Alliance is the final piece of the puzzle. See more about the mission to cut the cycle and eliminate schistosomiasis in the GSA infographic.




Benin Meeting Report


The first meeting of NTD programme managers from high-burden schistosomiasis countries, organised by the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance’s Implementation Working Group, was held in Cotonou, Benin in October 2015. Read the meeting report to find out more.



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